Drive growth and reward customer loyalty with targeted promotions

B2B Customer rewards

Consumers overwhelmingly say their choices are determined by their ability to earn rewards. Our customised programmes are proven to increase engagement and sales, giving you the loyal customers you deserve. We use data, creativity, and exciting rewards experiences to create effective sales incentives.

Programmes can be short or long-term, are customisable and scalable to your requirements, and have full after sales support.

Track the sales and performance metrics you want and take your business to the next level.

How Customer Rewards can help you


86% of consumers are more loyal to the brands where they take part in rewards programmes (Invesp). These schemes lead to sharing and social proof from word-of-mouth engagement.

Return on Investment

Customers who redeem points from a loyalty program have a total spend that is 2.5 times that of a non-member and 1.5 times that of a member who doesn’t use rewards (LoyaltyLion).

Staff Engagement

Our tailor-made software is simple to use, customised to your needs, and comes with full support. We can make sure you have the programme that's right for you.

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Thinking Like Customers

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Thinking Like Customers

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