Improve employee performance, satisfaction and engagement with a recognition and rewards programme

Improve employee

performance, satisfaction and

recognition and rewards


Employee rewards

Boost staff engagement and loyalty with our custom-made rewards programme and watch your business grow.

TLC Live is a full-service incentives and engagement agency that can support you to increase sales by achieving internal behavioural change.

Motivate and nurture your best talent with a fun and collaborative rewards programme that includes peer-to-peer nominations, leaderboards and news feeds. Track your chosen metrics to understand your staff motivations, and receive comprehensive reports on your ROI.

How Employee Rewards Can Help You


An effective rewards programme puts your staff in control and improves turnover, productivity, customer satisfaction, absenteeism, theft, and safety incidents.

Share corporate values

Your values are at the heart of your business and underpin your mission and success. A TLC rewards programme will align staff behaviour with your values and shape your culture.

Retain top talent

Most people leave their jobs because they don't feel appreciated. Organisations with an effective rewards programme have a 30% lower voluntary turnover than those that don't.

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Thinking Like Customers

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Thinking Like Customers

Copyright © 2020 TLC Live NZ